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Piero Ali Passatore aka P. Ali Born in Turin, but raised between New York and London, Piero Ali feels himself a citizen of the world.

Immediately after obtaining a degree in cinema and theater from the City University of New York with a double Bachelors of Science in Film Studies and Theater Production in December 2004, he was forced to return to Italy due to the premature and sudden death of his father Giuseppe Passatore, because of a heart attack.

This tragedy forces him to abandon his future as an actor and director in New York, and returns to Turin with his family.

Since his return he has worked briefly in television production for the NBC Today Show and then has never stopped working freelance as an actor, director, screenwriter, editor, speaker / voice actor, translator of films / plays / songs / short stories from Italian to English, casting director, actor coach and event organizer.

As a director he has written-directed-edited short films, industrial spots and music videos for many artists, bands and collectives from Turin and beyond, including Dario Lombardo, DJ Mesta, Donald D, Shanti and The Original Latin Coste, I Bonafide, Hotline , Tizla, Zion Train, Michele Fasano, LeRoy, Rata, Covo delle Bisce, Exxtra, Fast Frank & The Hot Shout Blues, Dee Brown, Ashlo, TTY, I Sesto Sigillo, Ice One, Piero Dread, Askala Selassie, Gianluca Corrao, Mackadenice and various other artists.

As a video clip director he has won prizes and awards, including one prize at the Nickelclip Festival and another at the Rome Videoclip Festival in 2011 and many of his video clips have been broadcast on some television channels.

As an actor he has starred in a dozen feature films, three commercials, two plays, and many short films and video clips. In 2007 she played the leading role in Ted Nicolau’s film “The Etruscan Mask”, in 2015 she played the leading role in Federico Alotto’s “The Spirit Chaser” and minor roles in other films, such as Dario Argento’s “Dracula 3D” , “Workers” by Lorenzo Vignolo, “Anche Se รจ Amore Non Si Vede” by Ficarra and Picone and many others.

As a speaker in English, he was the narrating voice of Paolo Campana’s documentary “Vinylmania”, produced by Stefilm, the official film of Record Store Day 2012, which saw Iggy Pop as the testimonial.

Piero has written poetry and song lyrics since 1997, was a film and theater critic at Brooklyn College Kingsman and Hunter College Envoy from 2002 to 2004, co-wrote ‘Secret Thoughts’ with the famous Bonelli comic writer Pasquale Ruju, he has translated numerous films, advertisements and plays for Fabio & Fabio, Fabrizio Portalupi, La Ferrafilm, Filippo Santaniello, Emiliano Vaccariello, Carlo Fusco, Vincenzo Petrarolo and various other authors, directors and screenwriters. “At Any Cost” is the debut of Piero Ali Passatore as the screenwriter of his first original feature film.